Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Justin goes to Washington

The Capitol Building.
Proving I was actually there.
The Rotunda of the Capitol Building.

The Old House of Representatives Room.  The Curved roof allows you to hear what other people on the opposite side of the room are saying as if they are standing right by you.
Space and Air Museum.
Washington Memorial.
WWII Memorial.  Utah represent!

Lincoln Memorial.
Vietnam Memorial.
Korean Memorial.
Jefferson Memorial.

Some guy lives here.  President something or other.
Arlington Cemetery.  A truly humbling experience.

Changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery.  

Justin wrote the captions here if you couldn't tell!!  He will be the chapter president next year at the University of Utah for the Federalist Society.  He was flown out with all of the other chapter presidents to attend some workshops and trainings.  He was able to fly out a day early, stay with his aunt and uncle who are serving a mission there and get to see all the tourist sights before the workshops began.  He was there Thursday to Sunday night.  He had a great time and learned a lot to help his chapter.  A highlight for him was meeting Justice Thomas of the Supreme Court!


erinmalia said...

hooray for DC! hopefully he was here when the weather was okay. last weekend was actually pretty great. this weekend, however, not so much.

Niederfam said...

yay for JP, i'm glad he enjoyed it and had time to see a few of the tourist attractions too. ;) next time, you'll need to join him!! ;)