Thursday, July 14, 2011

Park City!

We went with the family to Park City for a couple days this week and stayed at the Marriott Mountainside Hotel. It was really nice! Too bad it wasn't longer! My parents used their time share but remember, they just came back from Europe. So it was nice they thought of the rest of us too :)

Caught red handed!! Just kidding. Having snacks by the pool. This is the resort with a pool and like 6 hot tubs. Nice!!
 Little Elise taking a nap.

 My mom was a big help withe the grandkids!

 Major and Molly finished with swimming and snacks. Some big clouds rolled in, but we got about an hour in of swim time. Molly isn't crazy about swimming still, so it worked out fine for her!

 My niece Emery. So happy always!!

 The alpine slides were next door. We went in 2 different groups so we could take turns watching the kids.

 We took our girls on the carousel. Molly wasn't interested in the alpine slide even though we tried and tried for about 15 minutes to convince her!

 Molly also got to ride on the little airplanes.

 Alison hanging out with Uncle Todd.

 Justin on the left and me on the right. He couldn't believe that I could keep up with him! I would have won if he wasn't twice as big as me!!

 Grandpa with Mitt.

Grandma even went! We had a fun time and decided next time we need to stay for a week! It was nice going somewhere close, but still resort-y with pools and other fun places close by. We also went to a Farmer's Market and bought a few things there like bread, fresh tomatoes, cherries and ice cream! Ryan and Becky, we missed you! But obviously a new house and unpacking would take precedence over a two day trip!


Emily said...

You're fast! It definitely was fun!! Cute pictures, cute family!

Karen said...

We went on the alpine slide at snowbird and I was a wimp...I went so slow. I'm impressed you kept up. It looks like fun.

galbraithfam said...

So, I am jealous! That looked like it was so so fun! So wish we could have been there! I haven't been online for serioulsy a month so it was so fun to catch up! Ali is so cute Nicole. I love her and the popsicle and I can't beleive she's 18 months! Molly's hair was rockin' awesome on the 4th! Miss you guys a ton!

Melissa said...

I love the alpine slide. I am glad you guys had fun. It was so fun to see you guys when you came to my moms. I love your picture on the carrousel. =0) I am so sad that most of my family has now moved. It is going to be kind of weird.