Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

I wanted to do something fun for Molly's hair for the holiday and I thought this twisty star would be fun. Here is the site:

 We went to breakfast at the Belgian Waffle (yummy) and after we went to Sandy city. They had a bunch of free activities and we thought Molly would have a lot of fun.

 They had a bunch of different crafts for the kids to do. One was coloring masks.

Alison had fun too. She wanted to walk around everywhere and she was really interested in the big blog up slides.

 Molly was afraid of the big slides but we got her to go into this bounce house.

We put Ali in but she wasn't a big fan!

 The day was perfect-overcast! We had a bit of rain later in the day, so it was a good thing they had tents, but it was nice not to have the full sun out!

 Another cute thing she made was a cup that had coloring these pictures that you could put in a cup and see.

 She made a lion magnet too!

 We found the balloon lady!

 My mom bought some horseshoes for the kids to play with and Ali thinks they are necklaces I guess! She is so funny with them! She puts them around her neck and puts her chin down to hold them. We had a yummy bbq with homemade potato salad and a strawberry banana trifle and homemade ice cream for dessert! Doesn't get much better than that!!

 The extent of our fireworks. I bought 8 flowers. I couldn't find sparklers at the store I was at, so this was all I got!

Molly's reaction to the fireworks! She thought they were neat! Justin, me and my brother Todd watched Sandy city's fireworks later that night after we put the girls to bed and my parents listened. We had decent seats and we were quick getting there and getting home, so a win win!!


Karen said...

Love her cute. Looks like you had fun.

erinmalia said...

i can't believe she sat still long enough to let you do that! it looks awesome. maybe that's why i don't have girl(s). i could never do hair!

emily said...

holy moly! that's the greatest hair i've ever seen for the 4th! it's so adorable!!! of course molly is even more adorable. :)

looks like a good 4th in good ol' sandy. :)

Christine said...

Love Molly AND Alison's hair. Ali is getting so big. What a fun day-balloon ladies are the best. So glad Molly liked the fireworks. Claire is still afraid :(

Meg said...

Looks like fun! Molly's hair is amazing. If I ever have girls, I now know who to pay to have their hair done:)

Stacie said...

Really cute star! Happy 4th!

Justin.Mandy and Girls said...

Love the Hair Nicole!!!

Jen said...

So fun! I love Molly's are so talented! I'm lucky if Maya even keeps a clip in long enough to make it to the car.