Friday, February 24, 2012

Grandpa Watkins

Yesterday my mom's father, Arthur Watkins, or Grandpa Watkins to me, passed away. He was 95! I have been so lucky and blessed to have 2 grandfathers around for so long and for my kids to know them. Grandpa didn't have to suffer and he has been so ready to be with his "sweet little wife" again. I know he is happy to be with her and other loved ones again.

I have many memories of Grandpa and many are with us at the cabin (where these pics are taken). The past several years when you would ask Grandpa how he is, he would reply, "Chipper!" He was always happy and usually had a book in hand or a book around. He enjoyed reading the dictionary and the encyclopedia! He was a professor at BYU for many years and a linguist. I think he spoke 9 languages fluently! He wrote several text books for German and loved learning the origins of words. I remember calling Grandpa for a school assignment asking him about where a word came from and he could tell me right then on the phone. He loved to write poems and was very talented at it. He was a mission president twice for the church! Only a handful of people can say the same. He took 7 of his 8 children on the first mission to Austria and later served in Italy.

One special thing about Grandpa for me is that he called me "Ne-cole" like you'd say it in French. He is the only one who has said it that way and I thought it was so neat! I also inherited my space between my top two teeth from him (which has since been corrected!) and my love of ice cream! Grandpa's motto was there's always room for ice cream! And I completely agree :)

Molly had a cute little relationship with Grandpa. We would go visit him in Orem and she would color for him and play with his toys. He loved to have her sit on his lap. Molly loved to talk to him and tell him things. He would tell us how smart he thought she was! He loved his grandkids and great grandkids. He has over 100 descendants and the numbers keep increasing!

Grandpa was such a great example and we have learned so much from him. We love you Grandpa and will miss you! The funeral is next Saturday in Orem.


erinmalia said...

So sorry about your Grandpa Nicole. Send my love to your mom.

emily said...

from what i heard about him, he was a neat man. the pictures are really sweet.

Kati said...

Sorry! It is so great that your kids have had the chance to be around their great grandpas!