Wednesday, February 22, 2012

President's Day

We went up to my sister's and stayed over Sunday night to Monday. Molly had 3 days off of preschool the week before and her friend that lives on our street was sick, so she was in desperate need of playing with some kids!! The girls had so much fun playing with their cousins!

Emery and Ali got to enjoy a tub together :) Justin went skiing with Preston in the morning at Snowbasin and then the rest of us met them for lunch at the lodge.
Justin had a lot of fun and we did get snow on Sunday morning, but the snow wasn't too great by Monday. Oh well, he still had a good time! We brought most of the kids home (Mitt stayed and skiied) and put the little girls down for a nap. When the boys got back from skiing we headed home. Molly was so bummed that we left! She had so much fun and we did too! Thanks Nat and P for letting us come!

Later that night I had my first ever experience with heartburn. Wow, I have a new appreciation for those who get it on a regular basis!! Ouch! I tried taking some tums, but they didn't really make a big difference. I figured in the morning it would be gone, but after breakfast it was back and pretty much lasted all day, going from mild to severe at different times in the day. I know it's pretty common in pregnancy, but up until this point I have been lucky! If you have any tips/tricks for getting rid of it, let me know!!

My sister suggested Zantac and the nurse said I could have it, so I took one last night at dinner and that's what finally stopped it after about 30 min. I took one with my breakfast this morning and I'm kind of crossing my fingers that if I just take that from time to time I will be fine. So far, so good for today.


Christine said...

Sounds like a fun little weekend getaway for everyone involved.

Sorry about the heartburn. Zantac worked for me, so hopefully it will continue to work for you.

Erin said...

Sorry about the heartburn--Zantac was a lifesaver for me. And congrats on the job!!! What a huge relief. I'm sure it's nice to know one more step in the future!