Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine kids wallet

Molly has been requesting a wallet lately. I found a really cute fat quarter and decided I would make the girls each a wallet with it for Valentine's Day. I used a tutorial from here. It was pretty easy. I kinda forgot about a closure for it, so it just folds. I figure they will put it in a purse or bag anyway, so hopefully their stuff won't fall out.

I used leftover fabric to make the pockets. Molly is obsessed lately with tags that you get from clothing, like when you buy something and it has a tag. She wants to keep them all. She is so funny. She is the biggest pack rat!! And she's turning Ali into one as well. Whenever we go somewhere, they each have a handful of stuff that needs to come too. Sheesh! So I figure she will put her tags in here and I have some stickers with pictures of her that I will make into a little driver's license I think.

And I put a pocket on the back. Originally I thought it could be for coins, but I got lazy and now if they want to put coins in, they just won't be able to flip it upside down!! This was super inexpensive. I think the fat quarter was $1.50 and I had all the other scraps on hand! I hope they like them! Outside fabric is Adorn-It happy hearts.


erinmalia said...

totally cute.

emily said...

oh, i was going to say exactly what my sis said. dangit. :)

but they are adorable and i'm sure your girls will love them!

Altax said...

Looks awesome!!! Very nice one.

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Kati said...

Those are so cute!

Anonymous said...

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