Monday, June 25, 2012

A day at the cabin

Last week we went to our cabin near Sundance and we had a fun time!! Here are all the grandkids! My mom had a teddy bear picnic with them, so they all brought one up.

 Grandma reading The Teddy Bear Picnic.

Then we turned on the Teddy Bear Picnic song and they had a little parade around the cabin and outside to the music. It was so cute! My grandma (my mom's mother Ruth) always had the grandkids do a parade. She loved parades! We knew she was watching with a smile as the kids paraded around with their bears :)

It was so fun to have Lexie and Shay in town!! We miss them so much and we are glad Ryan brought them out for a week while he worked. And Becky, we missed you (she was at girl's camp)!!!

 We found some fishing poles and the kids gave it a try. No success, but it was still fun!

Grandma handed out gummy bears and teddy grahams for all the kids.

Molly and Lexie had so much fun together.

Little Jackson taking a nap with Aunt Natalie.

Justin and the kids were looking for some worms to put on the fishing poles.

More Jackson :)

The kids loved blowing the dandelions.

It's a short walk to this little bridge and waterfall.

We even found a zipline at a neighbor's cabin! And we may have tested it out ;) We had Ryan try it first to make sure it was ok. Then the kids took turns while Justin and Ryan helped them.

It was a fun time!! This was my first real "outing" with the baby and even though it was a bit tricky with kids around everywhere, I'm glad we went and it was nice to be somewhere besides home for a day.


Laura said...

Looks so fun!!

Christine said...

What cute, cute, cousins. And I love the whole teddy bear theme. So fun!

pollard mike said...

I love to see your blog lots of effort on this blog thanks for sharing God bless u