Monday, June 11, 2012

Water firsts

Jackson had his first bath last week. And he hated it! But after the bath he thought it was pretty fun to see himself in the mirror!

Who is that good looking guy in the mirror?!

Sometimes we even get smiles out of him!

Other times we see this cross-eyed baby face :)

The girls started swimming lessons last week. I didn't sign Ali up originally because she was too young, but the manager lady said we could try her. So she's been going too. They have eight 30 min. lessons (M-Th for 2 weeks). Ali has been really reserved and has only gotten into the water at the very end of class, but my mom took the girls today and said she went in for most of the time. Progress!!

Molly is doing great! I went the first day with them and she was definitely cautious, but she's been getting more and more brave. She's even gone under the water and picked up toys from the bottom of the pool. This is huge for her!!

Our little swimmers! Ali, Carly (the little neighbor girl and Molly's best friend) and Molly.

Also, last week we had a guest, Justin's mom, Shelley. She came down to help me out for a few days since my parents were out of town. I take all the help I can get! She was nice enough to take the girls to swimming lessons a few days last week. The girls loved having her here and really liked playing with her coin purse. She even found one for them before she left. She got us ice cream one night and made life more exciting for a few days! Thanks grandma Shelley!!


Emily said...

Oh my goodness he is such a cute baby!! I am so excited that I will see him on Friday!!

I'm so proud of your girls for doing well with their swimming lessons. I know what a big deal that is for Molly to pick stuff up off the bottom of the pool!! Hooray!!

erinmalia said...

first, jackson is, of course, adorable. second, do the cross eyes freak you out?! they totally do me, even though i know it's a normal baby thing.

Kati said...

Jackson is handsome!!
That is great that the girls are doing well at swim lessons. I am glad Molly is liking the water more.

emily said...

sounds and looks like your life is full of goodness and sweetness. :) what a cute family ya got!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

He is so dang cute!! Really, a beautiful baby! Runs in the family!