Monday, July 30, 2012

2 months old

As of July 26th, Jackson is 2 months old! He is such a sweet baby and we love him to pieces. We are enjoying cuddling and snuggling him since we know the time will soon come when he is all over the place!

His 2 month appointment lasted an hour and a half and was pretty much the worst appointment I've been to! I took all 3 kids since my girls love the pediatrician (and my mom was out of town), but for some reason we had to wait SO LONG! And we were the first appointment of the day, so I wasn't quite sure what the hold up was. Anyway, we got through it and here are his stats.

Weight: 9 lbs. 15 oz. 13%
Length: 22.44 in. 31%
Head circumference: 15.5 in. 33%

He is long and lean as the dr. put it! Isn't this funny considering he came out 8 lbs??!

I show you this picture of him so you can see that the close up pics are a bit deceiving! He looks like he has chubby cheeks, but they aren't as chubby as my girl's were!

The girls still love their brother. Molly wanted a picture with her brother. Ali is hilarious and has this raspy low voice when she talks to the baby. And she loves to call him "baby boos". So funny! She has started to add "boos" onto everyone's name: Daddy boos, Mommy boos, grandpa boos, etc. So silly!!


emily said...

oh. my. goodness! he is so adorable. i love his gummy smiles. he looks like such a happy guy!

erinmalia said...

totally adorable! i think he looks so much like justin.

Jeff and Kathryn said...

Holy cow, he is darling!!!

Stacie said...

SUCH a cutie! I love how their features change so much so fast.

Niederfam said...

He is so adorable.....sweet little happy guy