Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Irony

Lately I/we've had some ironic moments. The first is every Sunday for the past 3 weeks (that's when I started paying attention) I've had to wake up my girls to get ready for church which is at 9 am. Every single other day they wake me up for the day. So why is it that every Sunday I have to wake them up? It just kills me!!

Second. After being talked into playing Add-On on the trampoline (think really hard, remember that game?!) I get up there and play. This happened Sunday night. That night before bed my back was a bit sore, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next morning I feed Jackson and put him back to bed. When I wake up the next time my back hurts so bad I can't move without hurting!! Mind you, this was yesterday, Labor Day. Yep, a holiday. I called EVERY chiropractor in my area in the phone book and no one was open. Of course!! I didn't really expect it, but I was in so much pain I had to try! Isn't that ironic?

Long story short, I went in this morning, had an exam done, they ran some machine over my back that is supposed to loosen my muscles and I go back in tomorrow. So for today I'm still sore. Like bad. It hurts to stand, sit, walk even! It's pretty awful, but hopefully by tomorrow I will be feeling much better.

Third. We have been going back and forth planning a little family trip to visit my in-laws. We have finally settled on this weekend, leaving after Molly's first day of school, this Thursday. We planned on coming home on Monday, thus she would miss only one day (Monday) of school since she goes Mondays through Thursdays each week. Today I went in for orientation and came to find out that because they are starting on Thursday this week, they are having the kids come on Friday. What?! Why didn't you send me her schedule two months ago telling me that?!! They never go on Fridays! So now she will be missing two days. I realize she's in preschool and it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I don't want her feeling like she's missed out in any way and I wanted her a bit adjusted before we bail. Oh well! At this point there's not much we can do. I guess that's what happens when your kids start school and other activities--you are bound to miss something while trying to do something else!


emily said...

oh those ironies sound a little familiar. :)

Christine said...

Waking children up in the morning is the worst!

So sorry about your back. I hope it gets better soon