Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What would you do?

Today I was getting my 3 children out of the car in the Ross parking lot and a man came over by my car and said he was homeless and asked if I could give him some money for lunch.

I said no. But then a couple of minutes later I felt bad! I felt like if it was a test, I probably failed! I kept thinking about it while I was in Ross. It just made me nervous with my 3 kids there and I wondered if he would have tried to rob me or something! I didn't feel very safe. If Justin would have been there, I think I would have been more likely to. Would you have given someone money in this situation?


emily said...

oh, that is a hard one. most times, we just can't hide our "mama bear" instincts to protect our kids - whether they are being directly threatened or not.

i never have cash, so i probably couldn't have given him any money. . . but if i did, i'm not sure what i'd do really. maybe give him a couple of bucks?

erinmalia said...

like emily, i never have cash, so this is a non-issue. was there a fast food place close? you could have bought him food and the thrown it at him from the car (you know, to protect you and the kids). and i'm not really serious about throwing it at him, but maybe you know what i mean?

Meg said...

I would not have given him money. I would've done the same thing you did. Colby is so funny, he keeps a can of peaches or something like it in his truck--when these situations come up, he hands them the can of food. He figures if they're truly hungry then they'll be happy to have it.

Christine said...

I think that would be creepy and I don't think that money would have helped him. I had a friend that used to buy dollar booklets from Mcdonalds and whenever he would see someone begging he would give them a coupon instead of money