Friday, January 18, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Molly had a field trip yesterday at preschool. They have been learning about money this month and so they went to the grocery store and to the dollar store. Yesterday morning during breakfast Molly was telling Ali that maybe she would get her something at the dollar store for her field trip.  

I guess each child got to pick out one thing at the dollar store and the teacher gave each child a dollar bill and a dime to pay for it. When I picked Molly up, her teacher and the mom who drove her both told me separately that Molly was so cute at the store and wanted to pick something out at the store that had 2 so she could share with her sister. And that's just what she did! She found these cute mermaids sold 2 in a package. Molly likes pink and Ali likes purple, so she knew it was perfect! Ali was so excited. It was so sweet of Molly and she thought of it all on her own. 

2. Molly has really loved her LeapPad she got for Christmas. She will play with it for hours at a time if we let her. And she is pretty good to share with Ali too. You might notice that Ali isn't wearing pants. She has had 4 accidents this week! Ahh! I potty trained her this past SUMMER. I don't know what the deal is lately. I think she is playing and having fun and forgetting until it's too late, but I am SO done with it! (One time was after she bonked her head on the counter, so I understand that) Today I put her in a cold tub and I was really, really angry! I hope this is the last time. But, it probably won't be, right?!

3. I made a bib for a baby shower last week. I know, it's shocking that I made something! I was looking through my fabric and found this laminated cotton and decided I should use it. I love the bibs that you can wipe off, so I figured who wouldn't?! I backed it with a white chenille that is pretty thick.

Then I used velcro to fasten it around the neck. I have some blue and green fabric that's similar and my mom pointed out that Jackson needs one!

4. Do you put up Valentine's decorations? I've gotten mine out but I'm thinking of making some paper rosettes I saw on Tatertots and Jello to add to the rest of my display. Aren't they cute? I will have to post a picture after.

5. Justin is headed to help his sister move into a new house this weekend so it's me and the kids! I was thinking of maybe doing a little movie fun this afternoon after Ali's nap and making popcorn and letting them choose a movie. Even crazier is I'm thinking of maybe (maybe!) going to the Disney store tomorrow at City Creek. Just to look because I think they would love it. I might chicken out, but we'll see!

And speaking of houses, Justin and I have started house hunting. Yay and yikes at the same time! We are just in the very beginning stages trying to decide where and what exactly we do and do not want. Since we know the process can take time, we figured we would start now. Our goal is to be into a place by the time Molly starts kindergarten in the fall. That might sound far away, but it really isn't! Wish us luck, cuz we'll need it.


erinmalia said...

oh wow, i don't think fall is far away at all! good luck.

and those rosettes are awesome.

emily said...

i love how molly thinks. how great! *good* big sisters are such blessings! yay.

good luck and have fun house hunting. :)

Laura said...

Haylee has had accidents for a LONG time. She gets so distracted and pushes her limit and then it is too late. Hopefully Ali isn't like that. It is annoying. She had an accident at preschool and I think it embarrassed her so it has been better since then. House hunting? Yay!!! I am so excited for you. It is a great time to buy. You can get a big house for cheap. I wish we could go back in time and wait until now to buy.

Emily said...

That is a VERY sweet story about Molly. That doesn't surprise me though, she is a sweet girl.

The rosettes are darling, I'm too lazy to do something like that though!

Keep on trucking in the house hunting! You'll find the perfect place for you!!

Karen said...

Brooke still has accidents too. Not too often, but it is super frustrating!! Molly is such a cute big sister. I don't know if Brooke will be that thoughtful. In fact she usually puts Sarah's toys up high so she can't get to them. Brooke is just a little stinker!!

Christine said...

How sweet of Molly. And so sorry about the potty training. that is so frustrating! The bib is adorable. And good luck on the house hunting. So so very excited!

Niederfam said...

Cute bib!!! Yay Molly she is SOOOOO sweet. I hope my $$ store has those mermaids, I know a little girl who would REALLY REALLY love them.

Please remember to look to the NORTH in the house hunt.....Come on, I'm your ONLY sister HERE!!!! ;)