Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine's pillow

I made this Valentine's pillow this week from a pattern I bought on clearance a couple years ago from a nearby quilt shop. It's isn't very big, about 8 1/2 in. by 9 in. When I first finished it, I wasn't really all that excited about it, but I liked it more once I added the ribbon. It's pretty cute now, right?

 Here is the back. Fortunately, I had all the fabric and ribbon on hand to make it.

 Here is the pattern. It came with the cute pom pom trim and I think I only paid like $2 for the pattern with the trim. The directions were a bit odd, but it worked out in the end.

This cute little boy was watching as I took pictures today.

And since I know you are all awaiting my paper rosettes that I talked about in my last post, here's a sneak peak. I actually had them almost finished with the rest of my Valentine's decor, but it was total overkill! It was too much with everything else I already had in that location, so I took them down and I'm trying to find a better place for them to go. I need to add a few finishing touches and then they will be done.


Emily said...

Oooh, I do love that pillow, you were right! It turned out very cute, as do all of your projects.

ps- the picture of Jackson is darling. We miss that cute boy.

erinmalia said...

totally cute! both the pillow and the boy. :)