Monday, April 29, 2013

Jackson at 11 months

Jackson will be 1 in just under a month now. It's hard to believe. he has hit some fun milestones this past month.

This was the first time he went on a swing! I'm sure it would have been earlier, but my parent's swing set is gone so we tried it at the neighbor's house a few weeks ago. He clearly loved it! (We should have a new swing set in 3 weeks! Yay!)

Boys and their balls! He LOVES balls. He loves to chase them and whack them with his hands or with a bat or anything else that he can use. It's amazing how long he can entertain himself this way! Oh and he finally started to crawl. A few days after he turned 10 mos. old officially.

He is pulling himself up to everything! We put the legs back on this activity table and he pulls on up and loves to play.

He loves to read books. He was given this book as a baby and it has lift the flap pages. He loves it!

He loves to throw things. He loves the game of him throwing it and you picking it up :)

He loves any kind of baton/wand, etc.

He finally says, "Mama"! This is very exciting for me. He's said "Dada" forever, and in the past couple of weeks has figured it out.

He is recently a cuddler. He will lay his head on your shoulder for a few seconds at a time. Sometimes longer if you're lucky.

He loves his daddy. He gets sooo excited when he comes home after work. He throws a fit if Justin can't hold him right away.

He loves to play on/in the dishwasher.

He loves dogs.

He loves being outside.

He loves the tub. He loves to splash.

He has gotten his top 4 teeth this month. The 4th just broke through last night I think.

He loves to pinch. I have bruises and scrapes on my arms/neck from him. We are trying to teach him soft!

He still loves to say uh oh and hear himself talk and/or sing.

He can wave hello.


Emily said...

These are all such cute pictures of Jackson- especially the one of him in the swing!

I'm happy to see that the Korean chest has made a new home in the basement. I bet you are too ;)

Hooray for the new swing set in the backyard. Mom told me about that and I'm really excited- and I don't even live there!

So happy he learned to say Mama- finally! What a sweet boy!

emily said...

he sounds like a keeper. what a cutie.

ONE, too crazy!?