Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter Morning

They were all successful finding their baskets! And pretty excited by the contents.

Dressed for Easter

Molly was so funny. I told her to put her hand down but she thought it was too bright. The sun was behind them, but they all have a bit of a cold, so I guess it really was hard for her to see!

 Giving their brother kisses. Of course Jackson had to find something to chew on ;)

These were the best pictures I could get of Jackson. He was quite interested in the grass and pine needles.

Miss Alison is getting to be so grown up. She is pretty good at pulling her cheesy faces, so this isn't the most natural smile, but hey, it is a smile. We'll take it.

She has been really obsessed with barbies lately. The Easter Bunny found these and knew our girls would love them!
I put curlers in the girl's hair the night before and Molly went and found this headband to go with her dress. She has perfected "the pose". Not sure where she saw the hand on her hip, but it works!

Showing off her cute flats. I found these last year on clearance for like $4 and I knew that someone needed to have them! They have a bow on the end and a cute little peep toe. She gets lots of compliments at church with these :)

It was about 75 degrees here on Easter and so beautiful. It really felt like spring. Mainly we are so grateful for the real meaning of Easter-the Resurrection of the Savior. I love this time of new life and growth around us. We are so blessed!

I have to mention one last thing. Last night (on Easter) we were getting the kids in their pjs and just kind of cleaning up a bit. I went in to check on Ali in her room to see if she was ready for bed and I found her in her bed, blanket on, animals next to her ASLEEP! I don't think she has ever done this. I thought she was just joking at first, but her eyes stayed shut! It was quite the week and she didn't have a ton of naps. She's an early bird too. She was clearly pooped!


Emily said...

I love seeing all the new Easter Sunday clothes- what cute kids you have! Looks like the Easter bunny still spoiled them even though they went on 4 diff. hunts :)

Ok, Ali HONESTLY looks SOOOOO different to me in these pictures! What has happened to her since Christmas, she is a whole new girl!! Funny story about her falling asleep, lucky!

Nicole said...

I know, like the kids needed the easter bunny to come! oh well.

I think she looks different too actually. I think it's her teeth or something? Her jaw looks different somehow. Weird, I know.