Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What they've said

Last night I was getting dinner ready to put on the table.
Ali: Thanks for making me peas, mom!

A few nights ago I was asking the girls to clean up.
Molly: Mom, you treat us like Cinderella every day.
Me: Are you kidding me? Go talk to your dad!
Justin straightened her out and explained the differences.

Molly: If you didn't want messes, you shouldn't have had kids!

I was doing a workout video one morning (Post-natal boot camp with Lindsay Brin)
Ali: Mommy, your workout clothes are BEAUTIFUL! 


emily said...

hahah, i'm lovin' it. so funny!

erinmalia said...

awesome. kids!

Christine said...

Molly is right, if you didn't want messes don't have kids! You should see my house right now :)

Niederfam said...

Classic. I bet your workout clothes are beautiful!!!