Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Party

My mom hosted a fun Halloween party at her house a couple weeks ago (we missed my dad who was on business in India!). My sister Natalie and I are the only ones who lives nearby, so we missed my other nieces and nephews! But we did write cards and send them some packages so they felt included :)

We decorated pumpkins.

And wore our costumes.

I even helped Jackson with his.

We made mummies (hot dogs with crescent rolls) for dinner.

All the pumpkins lined up.

And Aunt Natalie read stories while we waited for dinner to cook. We love Pumpkin Soup and Room on the Broom. Those are a couple of our favorites for Halloween!

After dinner we dipped apples in caramel and other yummy toppings! This was a fun way to do it.

As all parties go, I accidentally left the caramel on the stove too long and it started to burn. We moved the pan back and while we weren't looking Ali pulled a chair over and touched the hot stove! She burned her little hand, but we had her keep it in a bowl for about 20 minutes. It is looking better now. She had 3 blisters, but it honestly wasn't too awful.

Thanks for all the fun mom! The kids loved it!

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