Monday, October 28, 2013

The House is all Painted

Remember when we bought our house it looked like this?

Yeah. We did not like the colors. And apparently other people didn't either because it was built a year ago and took a long time to sell (we were told we were the 6th ones to have it under contract). I'm sure the others didn't back out because of the colors, but it was a hard sell. And I know the colors certainly didn't help.

Originally we thought we could paint it. We knew if we painted the trim white and changed the door and shutter colors, it would make a big difference.

After we painted the ceiling and a wall inside the house, we realized the outside job was WAY above our abilities and it would take us a loooong time to get it done. My dad is the bishop of a single's ward and suggested someone who used to be in his ward who is a painter. We had him come out with his dad, who's also a painter, and they bid out the job.

It was the first bid we had, but we were pretty sure after talking to a few people that it was a steal of a deal. So we hired them and it was mainly the dad who came out to paint over the course of about 3 weeks or so.

Just look at the difference the white trim makes!

Our neighbors noticed too. We were so happy with the progress (I'm sure they were too as we were making the neighborhood like nicer, right?).

And then this past Friday they brought the blue that we picked out and I shared this pic on instagram.

Yay! It was so fun to watch and even better to watch someone ELSE doing it!

Friday his son came with and they finished it off! The dad (sorry, but I don't think I ever heard what his name is) had everything finished (they had to do 2 coats on everything) except the 2nd story trim and the blue. He had done 2 coats on the garage, but we needed 3 coats of white in the end to cover up the ugly dark brown.

Here's a view of the back.

Our blue door!

Blue shutters

A close up of the left side


Before and after. Isn't the difference amazing?! We love it! It was so worth the money and so worth it to have someone else do it who had the equipment and know how!

Now for some grass....coming up next spring!


emily said...

wow, it does look really great! the "before" picture looks totally washed out now. :) nice thinking!

Niederfam said...

I LOVE it...........LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So glad you do too!

Laura said...

It looks soooo good!!!

Christine said...

LOVE IT! Also, I love your coffee table so adorable. And your fun mom throwing a Halloween party.