Sunday, October 13, 2013


Today we are on a serious topic--towels. We come from sharing one bathroom to now having 3. Yippee (except for the moments when I am cleaning all 3)! Justin says he needs a BIG towel. this is me searching for what exactly is an oversized towel? What are the dimensions of a standard versus an oversized towel?

See what I mean? This is deep ;)

But here's what I've found and what I'm thinking of doing. If you didn't know, oversized towels are also known as "bath sheets". Bet you didn't know that! I didn't anyway. 

I'm going with this type of a look/feel to the master bath, found at thehouseofsmiths. We have a lot of blue in the decor on the main floor, so I am leaning towards aqua in our bathroom. Sorry, I like blue and green! What can I say?!

Dillards has these and I'm thinking about getting the "bath sheet" size (33x70 in case you wondered).
I really wanted some decorative/printed towels, but I couldn't find them in the color I wanted that were high quality and large. My thoughts are that I get these nice ones to use and then I can find a patterned hand towel that matches and hang those. Then that will add some pizzazz, without us having to use pretty, yet poor quality towels. 

Are you particular on towels? I didn't really think I was, and usually I just grab something from Target and call it good. But I feel like our master bath is so nice and pretty and it needs nice/pretty towels to go with it. Plus, nice towels are an investment, right?

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erinmalia said...

neither chuck nor i is particular on towels, although i do not like hotel towels as they seem to always be too small. the bath sheet, however, sounds so luxurious! go for it.