Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alison's 5th Birthday

Alison turned 5 on January 10th! We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Ali is a sweets kinda girl. She loves anything with sugar! A girl after my own heart.

We had a unicorn party and I found this cute unicorn shirt the week before her party.

Her cake.

We had a fun party with mostly family and a few friends. We had pizza for lunch and played games-pin the horn on the unicorn, made a little craft and played duck duck goose.

Ali really wanted this jewelry set called "My Look" (that's what the brand is). She asked for weeks before her birthday if I had gotten for her.

Justin and I got her a cute dress with a matching jacket and boots.

Grandma and grandpa Galbraith got everyone the same shirt who had birthdays around the same time (Emery, Elise and Ali).

Blowing out her candles.

Eating cake and ice cream.

We celebrated Ali's birthday with the Pendleton side when we were up in WY after Christmas. Ali got a glow pad (that didn't end up working so we had to return it) and a mermaid barbie. She was thrilled!

Dear Ali,

We love having you in our family and you can be the sweetest girl! You love to cuddle in the mornings. You love to draw and do creative projects. You are a bit of a hoarder and like to put all your things and papers on your bed! We are trying to get you out of that habit ;) You can be really stubborn on things and only want to do things your way sometimes. But we've seen you be a really nice sister and friend to others. We just got your kindergarten shots and you were really not happy about it! But you are excited to go to kindergarten next year. You enjoy going to preschool and tumbling. You are very observant and ask very smart questions! We can tell you are always thinking. We love you so much!

Mom and Dad

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emily said...

everything about it is cute - the cake, the gifts, the friends, and especially the birthday girl! so fun.