Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This was my first ever fabric swap, organized by chickpea sewing studio (see my sidebar for her link). It was really fun! You had to send 25 5 by 5 inch squares. After she received all the fabric, she mixed it all up and sent it back to everyone. All for free! I sent my fabric probably a month ago (?) and I just got my fabric yesterday.

It came in this little bundle.
Here's all the fabric I got! I think I actually got some pretty cute stuff. It looks pretty springy to me, so I'll probably do something along those lines, although I'm not sure yet (plus I have other projects in line before this...). I'm planning on using white fabric with these squares.

Here's a close up. Some of the fabrics are definitely cuter than others, but it was fun getting my little package and seeing the assortment inside!
Another couple of side notes. No jury duty yet. Justin hates his job and just applied for a new one today. And we found lamby!! Ha ha! My mom thinks it should be a cat because apparently it has 9 lives! We found it at the neighbors. I had raked their leaves last week and Molly must have dropped it.


galbraithfam said...

I'm soooooo sorry Justin hates his job. I feel like it's all our fault. We never should have told him about it. I'm sorry a million times over. I hope he finds a different one soon! But I"m glad you found her lamb.

erinmalia said...

yeah, sorry about justin and his job. that's never any fun.

but the swap loot is awesome! i did two swaps last year and they were so much fun.

Karen said...

Too bad about Justin's job. Hopefully he can find something good to replace it! PS...I mentioned the cleaning thing to my mom and maybe you should take a flyer to her. She was asking me details and i didn't know any of the answers! :)

Nicole said...

Becky, don't feel bad!! It was his decision. No worries! HE'll find something else. Actually, he's hoping to get a county clerk job. We're crossing our fingers for that!!

Christine and Seth said...

How fun! I have never heard about that.

Christine and Seth said...

Tell Justin that I FEEL for him. I had a telemarketing job once and quit it on the second day!
- Seth

emily said...

fun swap!

and, yes, sorry about justin's job. maybe time will help? or not?

but i'm glad about lamby or caty. yea.