Monday, November 17, 2008

New Jobs

Justin and I have new jobs! This past Saturday was Justin's last day at Dillards. He started today at a cell phone company where he'll sell Verizon phones. If you need a new phone or an upgrade, let him know! Hopefully he'll enjoy the job a bit better and the commission will be a good thing!

I am a cleaning lady now! :) I took flyers around my neighborhood and I've had several calls already of homes to come and clean. I thought it would be something somewhat easy that I could do and I figured everyone in the area knows me, so they would be willing to have me come over and help.

I've also been summoned to jury duty this week. You may remember me saying about a year ago that they asked me to do that. I said I had a new baby I was nursing, so I didn't have to then. Well, they remembered and now I have no excuse! I would love to not have to go in, but we'll see. I get to call every day and ask. Today numbers 1-50 had to go in. I am 212, so I'm hoping if I do go in, it won't be until Friday. We'll see. I'll definitely let you know if I go in and how the experience went.

I feel like maybe I jinxed us. We found Molly's lamb and now it's gone again. :( This time I have no clue where it is. Maybe it will show up, but maybe not. At least she has plenty of other stuffed animals left!

This past Saturday I saw Seussical the musical at my high school alma mater (sp?). It was pretty cute. I had never seen it before and actually I haven't read all the books that the musical includes, but they did a good job. Definitely not my favorite musical, but it was entertaining.


galbraithfam said...

I hope Justin enjoys his job. I'm sure he'll be great!

Christine and Seth said...

I miss the musical days! I hope Justin's job goes well. So sorry about the lamby-that is awful.

erinmalia said...

if we were in utah, i'd totally go to justin to get a new phone...we need one AND we have verizon! so sad.

but congrats on your new business enterprise. will you take molly with you while you clean?

Emily said...

I never heard the 'for sure' about Justins job. Good for him, I hope he will like it and I am sure he will be a great cell phone sales man :)

Way to go cleaning lady! Woo!

emily said...

congrats to you both. hopefully it will all work out and you both will enjoy your work.

ohhhh, good luck with lamby! :(

Becky said...

Hey, I saw Seussical while we were in town, too! Wednesday night. It was a smash, especially after seeing the high school production here (sshhh, don't tell any Wyo folk I said that!).