Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

The primary had a little party before they went trick or treating. My mom is in the primary, so she was going to the party and I thought Molly would enjoy it, so we tagged along. (And Molly actually goes to the nursery already, even though she isn't 18 months! The benefits of having a teeny, tiny primary!)

Here's Molly and her friend Lindsay listening to stories and waiting for music time. Little kids are so good with babies! Well, sometimes I guess!
Molly loved watching everybody. I was feeding her chicken nuggets here and she was sitting in my lap, not moving, just looking at everybody. This never happens! She's usually so wiggly!
Here are some of the leaders helping with singing time.
These kids were singing a song they learned in school that they were teaching everyone. It was really cute!
We took Molly trick or treating to a few houses in the neighborhood and she loved it! Her favorite part was reaching into the baskets and picking out a piece of candy. She seemed to love crunch bars if they were available! It must have been the blue paper.
Here she is with some of her spoils.
Justin's family came into town on Friday night for a baby blessing on Sunday. They stopped by that night to see Molly in her costume.
Left to right: me, Sunny, Kyle, Val and Molly, Shelley and Mark.
On Sunday little Laney was blessed. I forgot my camera, so sorry, no pics, but she looked beautiful! She is such a precious baby and it was fun to see all of the family. Sunny and Kyle live in Boise, so it's not very often that we get to see them.


Christine and Seth said...

How fun! I am so glad you got to see Sunny. Family is always so fun.

Brooke Button said...

I love that little face of hers, she's a perfect pumpkin! Is that Nicole Bangerter?! She looks awesome!

Niederfam said...

so so nice she gets to go to nursery EARLY. lucky lucky!!!! and she's so cute, i love the outfit and the BOW!!!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness!! Nicolle looks so great as the witch from Sleeping Beauty!! Wow!

Molly is starting young, she could not be happier about that candy!

erinmalia said...

i love the little round cheeks with the little round costume.