Thursday, January 15, 2009

Draper Temple

Justin and I went today to the open house for the Draper, UT temple. Today is the first day actually, and it was great! Today is gorgeous and sunny in Utah and in the mid 40's! That's about as good as it gets for this month!

The temple is beautiful! (no surprise there!) Make sure you get a chance to go! There are even cookies at the chapel next door where you walk through as you leave :)

A few things I found interesting: The rock/stone on the outside of the temple comes from China, the limestone inside comes from France, and the wood inside comes from Africa! I loved so many of the fabrics used in the upholstery and especially enjoyed the brides room and the celestial room (the ceiling goes up like 100 feet, it's gorgeous! The chandelier is also amazing).

The open house lasts until March 14th, I believe, so there's lots of time to go visit!