Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some pics

Starting off with the wedding...
Mr. and Mrs. Zack Pugh!!

Molly and the bride

The cake was not just beautiful to look at but very tasty too!

Molly and cousins

The happy couple
"Einstein" hair

Christmas day. Notice Justin is thinking of warmer weather--

Molly's gift from grandma and grandpa. We weren't going to get it out of the box because we thought it would pack better staying in the box. So Molly decided she would just sit in or on the box so she could still play with it.
We just got back from Tucson where we enjoyed 70+ degree weather! And it's about 30 least we had a week of sun! More to come from the trip once I get my pictures loaded.


Christine and Seth said...

I love molly's hair on Christmas! You totally cut your hair too! Did you dye it as well? I like it. Has Justin found out his LSAT results yet?

Nicole said...

Nope, didn't cut my hair...and didn't color it! Ha! But I tricked you :)

emily said...

yes, i see the resemblance in our daughters' hair styles. :) cute, though, right?!

Brooke Button said...

Glad you had fun! Molly's hair is awsome!