Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two More Things

As if I hadn't already posted twice already, I forgot two exciting things!

First off, and the most exciting is that my SIL, Sunny, is pregnant with TRIPLETS!! Yay and Aaahhh! I hope it's ok I'm sharing this on my blog, but it is such great news. Through the miracle of invitro, they were able to get exactly what they put in! And three for the price of one isn't too shabby, eh?

She is due at the end of July or August. I can't really remember exactly because she will most likely be early. They say triplets on average deliver at 32 weeks. So we expect sometime around there. I can't wait to see the three little ones! And thank goodness it's her and not me! ;) For the record, they are happy and I'm sure nervous. Can you imagine if that were you? She's trying to be really positive and to plan as well as possible, especially since they say they typically put you on bedrest with triplets around 20 weeks! Good thing she got herself a sewing machine for Christmas!

Alright and the other exciting news is that I am the proud owner of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7! Wahoo! I can't wait to get going on it. My pictures will be fab in no time! (at least that's the hope) So please if you have favorite things/places to go and do with this program, let me know!


Niederfam said...

Triplets and photoshop I can't think of a more random couple!!!! :) And I'm THRILLED for your SIL and BIL but nervous for both of them too!!!! And I am DYING to see your creations with photoshop and then you'll have to teach me to use mine!!!!!

Karen said...

yay for photoshop! You will love it. I haven't touched mine since like August because anytime I'm on the computer I am working. I am looking forward to scrapbooking soon though! :)

Brookie P. said...
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