Saturday, January 24, 2009

Valentine Card Exchange

My lovely and talented cousin Erin suggested after seeing my love blocks that I might be interested in a card swap put on by little birdie secrets ( I should have mentioned it earlier in case any of you were interested. Well I decided to get in on the swapping as I've never done cards before (a card swap that is).

After I had emailed them and agreed, I started to make some cards. Then I thought, "What was I thinking? I don't do cards!!" And I really don't do them very well. I just know that there are going to be people signed up that make AMAZING cards and they'll get one of mine and think wow, please don't let her ever be involved again!! Oh well. It's too late.

I didn't really follow the instructions that well because I was using left over materials from my blocks to create the cards. So making one card and replicating it wasn't really practical for me. So I just made all different ones! Some turned out pretty bad, no lie. I've only decided to show you some of my "better" ones. Take a peek.

This last one is my favorite I think. And I think it turned out the best in my stash. Pretty sad, huh?!
I'll post my new "swapped" cards when I get them!


Niederfam said...

They are DARLING and anyone would be HAPPY to get those, I would!!!! Very Very CUTE!!!!

erinmalia said...

first, thanks for calling me lovely and talented. it totally made me smile.

and the cards turned out beautifully! i would love to get any one of them. i can't wait to see what you get!