Monday, January 5, 2009

Tucson AZ

Here's a recap of our trip to Tucson. I'm already missing the nice 70 degree weather! I hear it's supposed to snow 1-5 inches here today :(

We did a lot of shopping with the girls. When the boys went golfing (four days were spent golfing, although Justin only went twice) the girls went to the shops.

Desert Museum

The Desert Museum was a lot of fun. Right by the entrance were these sculptures of javenilas. They look like wart hogs and Molly loved them! She got so excited when she saw them. She'd walk up to them and look at them, then walk to the other little sculptures.

There were tons of little exhibits here. We went through a little cave and they showed all sorts of minerals and gems. Here's Mark, Justin, Scott and Kyle sitting on the little train.

There were lots of animals as well. Here is a mountain lion. Molly loved the mountain lion! She would say oooh and woo woo.

Coyote. We saw two of them.

Another coyote.

There was a bird show as well. This is a great horned owl. They showed about 6 or 7 raptor birds. We spent several hours there, including lunch. Molly had a little kids cup with her kids meal and learned to drink for a straw for the first time! I was extremely excited about this. Life will be that much easier!
Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee was one of the first towns west of the Mississippi. They had a copper mine, which is why it was such a happening place. We drove clear out here one morning (it was a 2 hour drive) and checked out the town. It's a cute little town with houses kind of built to the side of the mountains. We had breakfast here and then went on the copper mine tour. It was really interesting. The mine was open over a hundred years, then closed in 1973.
Saguaro National Park

Kyle, me and Justin

Can you see all the cactus? This was the most I had seen in my life all in one place!
Cousins and gifts
Uncle Mark is the greatest! He was so helpful with both babies, it was nice to have him around. Molly totally loves him, he's so entertaining.

Little Laners. She's such a cutie and such a good baby. Molly would walk up to her and say hi, hi, hi. Of course Laney never answered.

Grandma bought this for Molly at the store one day. Molly loves it! She especially loves the little horse that comes out. She hasn't quite figured out how to manuever the little suitcase part, but soon she will and I can picture her walking through the airport with it!

Here's all of us at dinner one night. We had Mexican (of course), italian, chinese, you name it over the course of the week.
Tombstone, AZ

They had a bunch of little shops and even these stage coaches that you could ride in. We were there on New Year's day, so a few of the shops were closed, but it was fun to be there.

Tombstone is known for a shootout where several people were killed. Wyatt Earp was the mayor of the town at the time. We saw the shoot out where they re-enacted what happened.

The graveyard.

We had a really good time. Justin's younger brother Mark served his mission here, so it was nice to have him as our tour guide. He knew where everything was and the quickest way to get there (usually). Molly did great considering we dragged her here and there and she took naps in the car, etc. When we got back home she took a three hour nap in her crib! She was so happy to be home.

Molly also became obsessed with telling everyone 'hi' on the trip. We were in TJ Maxx one day and she said hi to every person she saw. If they didn't say hi back, she would keep saying it! It was almost kind of embarassing! But when people would tell her hi first she wouldn't say anything! Silly girl.


erinmalia said...

looks fun! i think the best thing about weather like that is not having to wear coats. i don't mind, but i do mind having to make rhett wear one.

Brooke Button said...

Sounds like you had fun, I'm so jealous of the 70' it kills me! They are happy to be home Matt does those naps when we are home, poor kid, he has no schedule

Nanette said...

Looks like a blast!

emily said...

how fun that looks - and definitely warmer than here and utah. :) change can be good.

Niederfam said...

mitt totally had a "hi" phase too, probably about that age, it's so funny, but slightly annoying too!!! looks like FUN, and YES, I'd be missing the weather too!!! Oh and I LOVE the little suitcase for molly!!! ;)

Nick and Janessa said...

What a fun trip! there is nothing better then leaving the freezing cold and basking in the sun!!

Christine and Seth said...

Molly is so dang cute. I so wish I could photograph her!

Jen said...

It does look like a fun trip...we went to CA to escape the snow too!