Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 13

This morning when I went in to see Alison she had gained 2 ounces from yesterday!! That is huge for her. She currently weighs 5 lbs and 5.9 oz. They did a bilirubin test on her and she is measuring low to moderate I think they call it, which isn't high enough to go under the lights. They measured her the other day and she was at the same spot. They will check her in a few days again to see if she's come down and hopefully she will continue to decline on that scale.

She had a great feeding today and hopefully she will continue with that. They took her out of the covered isolette and now she's in a "big girl bed" as the nurse called it. That's just the regular beds they have in the nurseries. They think she can hold her heat better and she's gained weight, so that's why they moved her back.

She was sleepy pretty much all day yesterday, but I'm sure that's how she gained all the weight, plus she was in her dark heated space so life was pretty nice. We'll see if she gains as much now. I asked the nurse this morning if with the weight gain that means she will be able to stay awake more often for feedings, but she said it's all developmental and that she'll just be awake when she is ready. That's why they can't really say when she gets to come home.

Molly and I went to the aquarium yesterday and had a lot of fun. I knew Molly needed to get out and she loves to see the fishies (she was excited to see her friend too)! She was kind of scared yesterday though, I was surprised. She didn't want to stand next to the glass. It's so funny how they can change so quickly from being fearless to being totally scared.


Niederfam said...

Nice.....I bet I gained at LEAST 2 oz. yesterday too!!!! He he........Keep up the growing little Ali, so you can come HOME!!!!!

My boys would LOVE to see the fish, so maybe we'll have to go again, and see if she changes her mind and isn't really scared after all!!! ;)

Melissa said...

That is so great. I am excited she is doing so well. It sounds like you are almost there. I am glad you and Molly got to go for a little outing. When the baby gets home she might feel a little bit misplaced. =0)

Christine said...

Hooray for gaining weight!

I totally understand about the fearlessness! It is about that age where Claire did the same thing. Now she is way more cautious!

galbraithfam said...

Yeah for getting just a little chubbier!! I was talking to Mom and when Ali gets out of the hospital we need to have a little welcome home party!!!! We all need to come see her again soon!!