Monday, January 11, 2010

More Alison

I feel like the pictures from the last post don't do Alison justice! Here are some I took of her today (glamour shots!). She had a bath sometime before I visited her this morning. Isn't she beautiful!

peeking to see mommy!
little yawn
she liked the binky when I tried giving it to her today!

this is from last night. She's enjoying a warmer over her and breathing on her own.
the nurses say she is so sweet and we think so too!

Grandma and Grandpa Pendleton
Aunt Natalie
Uncle Ryan and Aunt Becky

Aunty Em and Uncle Zack

Most of our family members came to visit yesterday. It was kind of different because Alison hasn't been able to be in our room, so we can take one person at a time with us to see her in the nursery. A couple of times the nurses let us bend the rules and have an extra.

Alison continues to do well. They took the sugar water away in her iv, so now she just has an iv for an antibiotic which the pediatrician said they will probably take away tomorrow. They have fed her today with a small bottle about a sixth of an ounce is all every three hours and she has kept it all down. In order for her to leave, she has to keep a steady body temperature, be eating regularly and gaining weight on a regular basis. They told me they had to give her some oxygen today for a little bit, but other than that they said she has been perfect.

They haven't told me when she can come home, but I'm pretty sure she won't come home when I leave tomorrow morning. You haven't seen Molly in any pictures because no one under the age of 14 can come into the hospital. I'm excited I get to see her tomorrow! She has been a good little sport spending time with grandma and grandpa.

Oh and a couple of interesting little side notes. There have been about five 34 week babies that were delivered in this hospital this week! The nurses say that's the special they're running :) And my mom's second baby was also 6 weeks early. Pretty ironic!


Niederfam said...

Yay for the glamour shots!!! She REALLY is adorable, and I can't believe all that hair!!!! Super cute. Glad she's still doing well.

Karen said...

It's so sad to see the wires, but I'm glad she's doing so well! Hopefully she doesn't have to stay too much longer!!! And I love the glamour shots! She's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! She is so cute and lots of hair! She looks very healthy to me. By the way, you look great as well! Do you really just have a baby?

erinmalia said...

get home soon, little alison!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh Nicole! I had no idea sweet Alison decided to come early! She is beautiful!!! I'm so glad she's doing ok too! I hope your recovering well!

Tyler and Emily said...

CONGRATS!!!! She is SO cute! I can't wait to meet her. I'm so glad that she's doing well. I was shocked when I heard that you had her!!!

galbraithfam said...

Look at what a good looking family we come from! That little girl has good genes. ; ) and she is BEAUTIFUL! Don't we all look better with a bath? I hope that she gets to come home soon!

Melissa said...

I love the pictures! What a cutie!! Congrats. So your mom had early babies too. Humm... it must have something do to with genetics. My mom had her second, Alan six weeks early too.

Christine said...

She really is beautiful! My question is how are YOU doing?

Holly said...

So precious! I wasn't expecting this post for quite a while, but I'm glad to hear that you both are doing great! Congrats!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

What a beauty! She is so tiny - congrats!

Wendy said...

She is darling!!!! I'm glad she's doing well and I hope she gets to come home soon. On an interesting note, my friend had her baby 6 weeks early when the big earthquake caused the tsunami in 2004. She said there were a ton of pre-term babies born that day too. It's intriguing to me there were earthquakes the day you went into pre-term labor with Alison and that there were 5 other babies born early that day too. Maybe just a coincidence but I still think it's interesting :).