Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 5

This morning I went in to see Alison/feed her and got to talk to the pediatrician who was making the rounds on the babies in the nursery today. She said she looks really good. She doesn't see any problems. She decreased her fluids (they give her fluid to keep her hydrated) so this shows that she is doing better just on her own. They said she doesn't have to be under the lights, so her bilirubin count is going down. And they again increased how much she can eat! So a good day for her. The doctor said she's strong as a horse.

Yesterday I noticed that her right arm was bigger than her left and it felt kind of tight. Turns out the iv in her arm had leaked and the fluid was going into her arm, making it so big. So this morning when I went in it looked back to normal. The iv monitor should have made them aware but it didn't, so it's a good thing I was paying attention!

Someone was helping to give me suggestions while I was nursing Ali today and it was so helpful! I changed the way I was holding her and she ate so much better. We were all impressed. She is doing so well.

Yesterday my mom came with my grandpa to see Alison.

Grandma holding Alison for the first time. She had a cold so Sunday she didn't hold her, plus they weren't letting many of us hold her Sunday!

Grandpa at 94 holding 4 day old Alison

4 generations!

Here's what the lights looked like. They aren't turned on in this picture. There was another one on the other side as well.

Doesn't she look so cute with her eye mask on?! The coloring is funny since the lights are on in this picture.


emily said...

well i'm glad she's doing so great! she looks really good and beautiful. how fun. and nice catch on the iv. :)

erinmalia said...

what a great shot with grandpa! glad to hear she's on the up-and-up.

Sunny said...

So glad she is doing so well... boy, those blue lights bring back memories... I love that they said she is a strong as a horse! It's always important mothers are watching... I caught some things when the girls were in the NICU that the nurses were missing as well... she had a matching arm to her cousin Carly! By the way, passing along that Rosemary says you have a beautiful little girl!

Karen said...

YAY...I'm glad she's doing so well! Now she just needs to be able to go home so you feel like you have 2 kids (and so Molly can meet her sister)!

Emily said...

What a sweet picture with Grandpa! I'm glad Alison has you as a Mom! You have caught lots of things even they haven't!

Niederfam said...

so cute!!! love the eye mask!!!! like she's on the beach!!!

i love the 4 generation picture, pretty awesome. glad mom and grandpa could come!!! so sweet.

Brooke said...

She sounds like shes doing soo well! That's awesome! Her poor little arm, I'm glad you noticed!

Christine said...

Those lights always make me laugh for some reason.

Whitney said...

She looks like she's doing great!!! And you look like your doing good as well. I'm so happy for you guys and that she is healthy! Good catch on the iv.