Friday, February 26, 2010

Ali update

Last night Alison didn't have the best night. They needed to give her more oxygen and they suctioned her 5 times, which is probably once or twice more than they have done each shift. She was sleeping when I first arrived but I soon heard the worst coughing I've heard from her so far. She just sounded super congested. We think she probably reached the peak of RSV and hope we are now on the downhill. Today is day 6 of her sickness. They say RSV peaks between day 4-6.

She was also moved last night into a shared room. She had had her own so I was obviously bummed, but I had heard that they were doing this since they have so many cases of rsv there. Well today another baby was in her room. A couple hors later the dad showed up and smelled o smoke. Not what you want around babies with rsv!! I asked my nurse if she thought Alison would be ok and she said she would. Well I didn't feel good about it so I texted my friend who happens to be a nurse there. She said I should ask to be moved since Ali was in the nicu for 3 weeks. She said they would do it even if it took a while. I went back to the nurse and told her that Ali was 6 weeks early and spent 3 weeks at the hospital and I really didn't feel good about her being in that room. She said she'd ask if she could be moved.

She came back and said that they would move her when I finished nursing her. Thank goodness! I didn't want to be around him either! And I feel really bad for his son. No wonder he has RSV! We are now sharing a room with people more like us. So we're happy! I know the nurse probably thinks I'm bossy, but I'm just trying to do what's best for my baby.

They had lowered Ali's oxygen a bit before I left and hopefully they can continue to do that and less suctioning. They can send home oxygen, but I would rather stay an extra day if needed so we don't have to do that. I want her all better and then for her to stay that way! She was 6 lbs. 2 oz. when they measured her before we left. She has been gaining while there, but it sounds like she dropped today. She has been eating pretty well, but she gets pretty tired from suctioning so when they do it right before I feed her, it's a bit of a battle.

Thanks for all of the comments, texts, phone calls and encouragement! We are hanging in there. I stay with Ali in the day and come home and sleep at night (and pump) so I can be a better mommy. Molly is being a good girl and spending lots of time with grandma and daddy. She'll come in in the morning and ask, "Where did baby go?" It's so cute.


Melissa said...

I am so glad you made a fuss about sharing a room. I don't think that is bossy at all! You need to look out for her and I would not want to hang with someone that I didn't feel comfortable with. We are praying for you and can't wait for her to come home!

Emily said...

I'm soo glad to hear that Ali was moved to a new room- I would have been ticked as well!!

By the way, we got your 'announcement' of Ali in the mail today- super cute! I love the thing in her hair too, who have/made you that?

Nicole said...

Em-I bought a cute little crocheted beanie for Ali from etsy before she arrived...the beanie is ginormous obviously, but that was the flower clip on the hat. So that's where we got it :) I wish I could claim it!

Karen said...

I hope she has a good night tonight and a better day tomorrow so she can go home soon. Oh, and I totally would have asked to move. I don't get people who smoke around stupid! And I'll also say your announcement was gorgeous and it made me realize I have been spelling Alison's name wrong (with 2 l's...sorry)! :)

emily said...

always, always, always ask for something that you think is right for your baby when in a hospital. it doesn't mean you'll always get it, but it never hurts to ask.

smoke is disgusting and even i, in my healthy state, feel gross around it. i'm glad they switched rooms for you.

as for oxygen. i know it's not ideal to go home with it, but we had some friends who had a 3-month old with RSV. they sent her home with oxygen - i know it's a little pain, but at least the babe is home and can rest and heal there. so oxygen may not be ideal, but you can do if that's what she needs. :)

we'll keep praying for your sweet family. i'm glad you have so much help aorund.

Nick and Megan said...

Nicole I am so sorry! Poor little thing. Your in our prayers. Bossy moms are good moms sometimes you have to be!

Christine said...

Way to be bossy! Sometimes you really just have to be. Smoke smell is the last thing you want to be around let alone your premie baby with RSV! Good grief.

Laura said...

I hope she gets better soon and can come back home! You are so strong!!

Erin Hatch said...

I'm so sorry about all of this Nicole, and I really hope Ali has peaked and that this is all over soon. You are such a wonderful mother--your girls are so blessed to have you!