Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Well I tried a photo shoot about a week ago and let's just say that it didn't go well!! She woke up on me (I wanted her to be sleeping) and was crying and so mad! And the other time she peed everywhere! Now I know why you go see a professional!! Oh well. It was a learning experience I guess!

I took these the other day. Alison's little head is so small that it doesn't fit any of her headbands. Luckily my SIL Becky, the bow queen, made me this one that fits a preemie head! It perfectly matches a couple of her newborn outfits, so I put it on and snapped a few pics.

Newborns really make some funny faces. It was hard getting a few good pics where she didn't have a goofy expression on her face :)

She continues to be a good baby. We took her out on her first outing last night and she did really well. Molly likes to hold the baby while sitting on the couch and when you don't let her, she gets really mad and then tries to use force to take the we try to let her hold her if at all possible ;) But she is being a good big sister! She calls her "peach pit" (Justin calls our girls that!) and still says, "she's tiny"!


Emily said...

She is indeed, pretty in pink! I'm sorry that the other photo shoots didn't go so well..but practice makes perfect right?

So cute!

Wendy said...

I remember thinking the same thing after taking pictures of Eliza--I'm pretty sure I was sweating by the end of it! Someone told me a trick, where you roll up a diaper underneath them in case they pee--didn't know that either when I did it and she peed everywhere too! She is adorable, though, and looking so alert!

Niederfam said...

She really is adorable, BIG BRIGHT eyes, I LOVE em!!! Can't wait to see you ALL again, SOON!!! ;)

Christine said...

Peach pit? That is hilarious. The bow is darling. So glad Molly is doing well with the change.