Friday, February 26, 2010

Cute cousins

I'm all about doing a happy post today! We visited sweet Emery over a week ago and I'm finally getting around to posting the pics of the two of them. Emery is a week and a half and Alison is 5 weeks I think.They had the very same blanket made by two different grandmas! So cute.

It was so funny to see Alison bigger than another baby! I think she was only about 6 pounds and Emery probably around 5 or a bit more. Alison definitely has the bigger head though!

These two cuties are 4 weeks apart and we think they'll be great friends! I never really knew how great cousins could be until we moved to Utah when I was 8. My sister Emily and I would do things with our cousins in Bountiful and we had so much fun! We had sleepovers all the time and did all sorts of fun stuff like: making things out of fimo clay, play marbles, watch movies, play with trolls (yes, we all collected them!), eat on the coolest castle plates and play tricks on each other while we slept! Ha ha! Thanks for all the good times Holly and Wendy!


Melissa said...

How funny, I remember you guys loving those castle plates. =0) I remember your tricks you played on each other as well. It is so fun to have cousins close. =0)

Christine said...

So sweet, but I want to know if Ali is doing okay!

Wendy said...

I was just commenting on my friend's blog about how I had such fun with my cousins growing up! I'm glad Holly and Emily aren't scarred for life from all the tricks we played on them :). Those pictures are so cute! We have pictures of Clara and Tallie as babies. Clara looks like a giant compared to Tallie who was brand-new. And how funny that they have the same blanket--it is DARLING!!!

Niederfam said...

I know, that and the fact that I can be DONE, because she'll have a faux sister in Ali!!! So PLEASE PLEASE don't move, stay close to us!!!! ;)