Saturday, May 1, 2010


Yesterday was sad for a couple of reasons.

First, my brother Ryan and his wife Becky moved to Colorado :( We are sad, but it will hopefully be a good opportunity for them with Ryan's work primarily there. Molly's best friends are her cousins Lexie and Shay, so she will be sad but with summer coming hopefully we will be more entertained being able to go outside more!

Second, Justin didn't get the job he wanted for the summer. However, they did say that he was "one of the strongest candidates" and that they would keep his resume and contact info on file because they will have some changes in August and will probably be looking for one or two more clerks. So we hope they will call him and put him to work then! After your first year you are allowed to work part time, so this would be an excellent experience.

Justin's summer plans are to clerk for a judge this summer and take classes. He got the clerkship on the same day he was asked to interview for the job. He will clerk 15 hours a week for the judge in addition to his classes, so all is not lost!


Christine said...

But at least you can hopefully come to CO more often! Also, the clerkship will be great experience.

emily said...

aw shucks. but it all works out somehow. :)

Whitney said...

Hooray for Colorado! Where did Ryan end up moving too? When are you going to come visit?

erinmalia said...

sorry to hear that you're losing part of your family! welcome to my world. :)

and extra sorry about justin's job. that stinks.

Nicole said...

They are living in Castle Rock in a community called The Meadows. They are just renting for a year and seeing where they will possibly want to build.

We are probably coming to visit this fall! It would be fun to see you!!

Kati said...

I hate when family moves far away! Thankfully summer is an easy time to entertain kids!

Niederfam said...

i know......we will MISS them.....but it's a good change for their family i think, i hope, well kind-of hope, but if not, then they'd come back, so we'll see!!! ;)

bummer for JP, but it will work out, i'm sure of it........'s to hoping it starts acting like summer soon!!!