Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rice cereal

At Alison's appointment the doctor said to begin the solid foods (cereal and eventually baby food)! Last week we introduced rice cereal to Ali for the first time. It was a fun experience!

She pulled the faces we expected as you see here, but she really did quite well with it! I think she actually got some down! We slacked for a few days after first introducing it but we've been better the last few days and I can only hope that it will help her to sleep even longer at night!! 4 months was a turning point for me with Molly, I remember, since she finally went for a long stretch at night. Ali has been a better sleeper from the start (definitely better than Molly), but I can dream of uninterrupted sleep, right?!

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Wendy said...

Rice cereal already?!?! Man, time flies!!! She is such a doll (I think I say that every time I comment on her--but she really is!) I'm so glad you are getting a bit more sleep these days!