Saturday, May 1, 2010

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken when my niece Emery was blessed. Considering how many there were of us and all of the kiddos, I'd say they turned out quite well!

Grandkid picture. Don't you love pictures like this? So much personality!

We took a little family picture. I'm not loving me in it, but oh well.

Pretty darn cute of all of us, don't you think?! I hear she did head-swap like 12 of us! Ha ha! Makes sense. It was quite crazy getting all of the kids to cooperate. This was BEFORE lunch :)


erinmalia said...

the pictures are great!

Wendy said...

Ha! The head-swap comment made me laugh! Thank goodness for Photoshop!! Those pictures are awesome!!!

Jen said...

Wow she did a great job on that last picture...I was thinking the lighting was low but you can't tell she did that much editing. It looks great!

Melissa said...

How cute. I love family pictures. They are such an effort, but so worth it in the end.