Thursday, May 20, 2010


Is it really mean to say that I'm glad that Casey went home on American Idol last night? I told Justin if he didn't go home I was done watching the show. His time was past due in my opinion! Doesn't it seem really obvious this season who the judges are trying to have voted off? Look at Tim Urban. Poor kid. They were trying to get him off for so long but it never worked. I'm sure it was all the high school girls calling for him. And I think a bit of that is what held Casey in for so long--all the girls thinking he is so 'dreamy'. I think it seemed quite evident that the judges got Katie, Siobhan, and a few others voted off.

My vote is for Lee. I hope he wins. But my mom had a good point. The top three this year didn't seem to have big personality. I get what she's saying. They were in their own way a bit reserved (I guess Crystal wasn't too bad). Anyway, we'll see what happens! We were trying to watch like 4 shows at the same time the other night. I'm hoping we get that dvr machine very soon!

Have any of you been watching (or seen) the show Castle? It's on Monday nights with Rick Castle (the writer) and Kate Beckett (the detective). It is really a fun show. Justin, my mom and I all really like it! We watched it together almost every Monday! It is really clean and they investigate murders and it's always interesting what they come up with. This week was the season finale. We were kind of bummed. Can't wait til next season for that show!!


galbraithfam said...

I agree with you on Kasey! WE called him Goldilocks at our house and I hated his whole thing with Kara. It was definitely time to say See ya to him! And yes, my vote is for Lee as well...I haven't seen too many Kastle's but I do like it too--now that 24 is going away, we'll have to replace it with Kastle...If you need something to keep you busy rent the 24 seasons! They are the best!

Brett & Sydnie said...

I LOVE Castle! I think its like a more fun version of CSI. I'm glad you guys like it too.

Niederfam said...

Okay, I'll VOTE for Lee too, seeing as I've seen it ONCE this season, I'm sure I'm an EXPERT!!!! ;)

Nope haven't seen Castle, TV is new to me still!!!

Melissa said...

I really like Lee as well. I didn't hate Casey, I actually felt bad for him when it came to Kara. There were a few time when I think he was totally mad about their comments. (like when he sang Mrs. Robinson) Anyway, I knew he was going to be the one kicked off though after the judges comments. That was a given. Crystal is interesting. I don't love her song choices most of the time, but she has talent. I like how devoted she is to her family and little boy. It will be interesting to see what happens. I am excited for "if you think you can dance." Do you like that show?

Wendy said...

I totally agree that it was time for Casey to go too. And I'm glad Lee won--he's been my #1 pick from the beginning because I never felt like he was being fake PLUS I thought he had a really good voice. I'll have to watch Castle when it starts up again. Now that LOST and 24 are over I'm in need of a new good show! :)

P.S. I'm also excited for So You Think You Can Dance!