Thursday, February 24, 2011


So my most exciting recent news is that we got new bedding!!

I know, it may not be very exciting for some. But we have been looking long and hard and have finally found something and I love it! It's so fun to have a change!

I will say that we have a gorgeous quilt my mom made us for our wedding, but with little kids, we just don't want it to get peed on, puked on, or anything else since it is an heirloom. We have put it away for now and one day will bring it back out!

Justin surprisingly (maybe not for some of you who know him well!) has pretty much an opinion on everything (love you sweetie!), which is a great thing at times. But sometimes I would just like my way! Ha ha ha. So, we had quite the time finding something we BOTH liked. Here it is. Please note that this was a negotiated deal!

It's pretty fun, right?!

I fell in love with this green and cream damask quilt. Justin loves blue, so that had to be incorporated. This is what we came up with.

There were about 6 quilts we liked, but we had 3 favorites each, and none of them were the same! I liked 3 and he liked 3 different quilts.

The pillows were a lot of fun to pick out! Who knew?

I love this pillow! It's fun and modern but brings in the green from the quilt and the blues from the quilt on the end of the bed, tying everything in.

In all its glory! (We don't own any bedroom furniture. We are borrowing what my parents have here. One day when we're in our own place, we will maybe have a real head board and foot board with matching night stands and dressers!! We can only dream!)

The thing I like about this quilt is that you can easily change it up. They had this quilt on a bed at the store with brown and gold pillows and throws and it was so cute! Too bad I couldn't convince Justin to go that route...oh well!

I really like this look for spring/summer. Maybe I will have to find some browns, reds, oranges and golds to switch it up come fall!!

P.S. I bought everything from The Village Quilt Shop. They have so much cute stuff! Be warned :)

Moving on....
to Molly's room! I found these four pillows at Bed, Bath & Beyond last week for $2.99 each!! Score! I looked at them and then wondered if the pink would match Molly's comforter. So I bought a bunch as well as the blue one and check it out! They match perfectly!!

The 'N' is for Nautica, the brand of pillow. I can't decide if I should just leave it...or maybe put a flower there? Or just leave it. We'll see.


erinmalia said...

I'm so jealous! That quilt is beautiful. And how fun that you can change it often.

Chuck, too, has an opinion about everything. I think it's (most of the time) hysterical.

Niederfam said...

I LOVE it. I really do, WELL DONE, and I KNOW it wasn't easy.......pleasing everyone mostly JP he's the DIFFICULT one, of course, he he he.....

Molly's is adorable and the pillows are FANTASTIC, although I have to admit before I read, I did wonder why it had an N on could always give it to ME.....just kidding!!! I think it's totally FINE either way. If you care about MY humble opinion, which isn't really important. ;)

Wendy said...

I love your new bedding. The green damask is so fun! BJ doesn't have an opinion very often, but he does care about our bedding. I bought this super pretty bedding set when we had been married a couple of years and when he saw it he said, "Sick dog!" That's was an eye opening experience that taught me that he does care...even if he says he doesn't!!!

And I love, love, love Molly's bedding, curtains, pillows and the little wall hanging above her bed!!! SOOOO Cute!!! And I can't believe you found those pillows for so cheap! So nice!

sara said...

As a Bedding person, I have to say that I LOVE the bedding you chose! Nice job guys, way to compromise!