Sunday, January 30, 2011

Latest Obsession

So my latest obsession is with a website called "Freebies 2 Deals". Every day she shares all kinds of great free things, discounted things, giveaways people/websites are having, etc. And I'm kind of addicted!

While I love groupon and all those other great sites that email me the greatest deals for the day, I think it's making me spend more money!! Do you feel that way too? Maybe I'm the only one sucked into these things...?? Please share your thoughts! I'm really curious to know what you think about these sites.

Well I asked my sister if I'm a shopaholic and she, of course, like a good sister would, said no! But last night I asked Justin and he said yes! Ha! I have to admit that yes, I bought Christmas dresses for my girls in January! But they were darling and they were 40% off the lowest price at Babies 'R Us ($13.50 and $12.50 each...I mean that is good, no?). And I do have a couple of gifts for Molly's birthday. Yep, that's in October! Ha ha. I know, I'm so bad! So I'm resolving here and now to do better and to "just say no". I still clean for one lady so I guess I figure in my head (subconsciously) that that money is mine. So, for example, when I'm at DownEast and see a cute hooded flowery beach towel that happens to have "Molly" embroidered on it, I can't say no. Do you have my same problem? Probably not. But maybe some do? Geez, I am a sucker!

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that balance is key and that's what I'm working toward! If you haven't seen that website, freebies2deals, it's here and if you use it occasionally, I think you will find some fun finds! She also talks a lot about couponing. I wanted to get into that, but I guess I just have too many other hobbies and I couldn't get into it. On that website, she shares the weekly coupons for stores like Walmart, Target, etc. so that would definitely be helpful if you are coupon savvy or you want to start to be a couponer. The end.


Karen said...

I get suckered into stupid baby stuff...all the time. I think I have like 4 different kinds of nursing covers, 4 baby carriers (slings/wraps/bjorn). It's pretty pathetic. I definitely know what you mean.

erinmalia said...

i'm pretty immune to most stuff (only two purchases on groupon) but my thrift store gets me everytime. every stinkin' time. it's bad.

Christine said...

First of all, Justin makes me laugh.

I think that coupons/deals make you spend more money. I mean, do you need it or would you buy it if it wasn't on sale?

Niederfam said...

I'm with Christine, did I want the "deal" or do I actually want whatever it is. BUT you know me, and you know that 9 times out of 10 I just really WANT whatever it is too!!!! And I'm the sucker who doesn't wait or find it on sale VERY often!!!! ;)

Still saying NO, you aren't a shopaholic, you just like a good deal, wonder where you got THAT from!!! ;) He he.

Wendy said...

I get suckered into things all the time, but it's paid off this time--Eliza's birthday is in a week and I have had all her presents for months! Now that I'm practically on bed rest, as of yesterday, I don't have to send someone out to do the shopping for me. :)

Nick and Megan said...

I am a big groupon girl myself. I will say that living in vegas has made it easier not to do every deal available. Like today the deal is 20$ for two pole dancing classes. Can I get a woo woo!! Yikes I need some more nordstrom Rack!!