Friday, June 10, 2011

baby gifts

 I went to a baby shower this past week and here's what I came up with. First, a blanket. Minky on one side, satin-y on the back! With a white satin binding. I was tempted to keep it myself! But it's a bit small for me.

My sister Emily made an adorable owl last week, so I had to give it a go. Especially with the free pattern, found here: Snuggly owl pattern
And then because it's her first and a GIRL, I had to make some bows.

I got some elastic in the mail last week from pick your plum so it had to be used! 


erinmalia said...

oh man, i love the minky! so cute. as are, of course, the others. nicely done.

Emily said...

So darling! I love the bows you made for her! And nice photography! I like the white background on the blanket. Nice touch. You are getting so skilled.

Becky said...

Once again, you create something lovely to make someone happy! You are awesome, Nicole.

Jeff and Kathryn said...

I love it all!! You are just so talented and I can't get over how cute everything is. Thank you, thank you!!