Friday, June 17, 2011


Half of my family left a week ago for Europe.  Unfortunately, I'm not part of that group!  But I can't complain because my turn was 5 years ago.  While my mom is gone, I'm in charge of watering her pots and flowers.  She has so many flowers this year that it probably takes me a good 10-15 minutes a day (doesn't sound like much, but add it to my normal morning routine and you get the idea!).

Today our street is being re-paved or slurried (whatever they call it) and so we had to park in the church parking lot and we are walking to the house.  Not so fun.  Especially with groceries!  Anyway, I passed a neighbors house and saw her beautiful peonies!!  I had to go back and take some pictures. Aren't they beautiful?!
These are straight out of the camera.

Gorgeous!!  Then I also took a couple pics of some of my mom's flowers.

These delphiniums are just starting to bloom.

Every year my mom takes her 2 giant pots to a nursery and they plant flowers and she goes back a couple months later and picks them up and they are beautiful!!

A couple days ago we went to Raging Waters (now Seven Peaks Salt Lake).  Justin and I bought passes for the season that were really cheap and the girls are free.  Molly loved the water, no fear, last year.  This year she's afraid!  She didn't even want to go to the kid area and play.  The water was cold, so I can't totally blame her.  We did spend some time at the back of the wave pool playing with toys.  Ali especially thought that was great!  My sister Emily and her baby came along too, so with 3 adults, we were able to switch each other out and go on some of the bigger rides.  It was a lot of fun!  I'm thinking I might put Molly in swimming lessons this year.  We'll see.  I have to look into it!

Best part of the water park was the girls sleeping ALL night long.  I didn't see or hear from them all night and they both slept in until 8 am!!  I think that is a first for them and it was HEAVEN for us!!  We are definitely going back there again!  Hope you are enjoying the flowers and the sun too.


Nanette said...

Hey, we got passes there too! We should go together sometime!

Becky said...

I *almost* bought passes, but Colt wasn't going to be free, so I backed out. :( Sounds like fun for you guys!

Christine said...

I miss raging waters! Hopefully Molly will get better next year. Claire is actually getting brave this year-unlike last!