Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tent sale: my finds

After grocery shopping yesterday morning, I walked out to the parking lot and noticed the large tent in DownEast's parking lot. Hmmm...I thought. Well of course I had to check it out! And I'm so glad I did. I'm even gonna show you what I got!

First off, I didn't spend more than five bucks on any item! Yahoo! That's my kind of sale. Ok the sweaters first. I should say, yes, I did take a photography class, but man, you can't tell with these pictures!! Sorry! Anyway, I got the sweater which is kind of a peachy/tan color and the embroidered cardigan that's more of a light minty green.

Then I found these four shirts! Cute, huh?! The bottom right shirt has pearls along the top if you can't tell (click on a pic if you want to see it bigger).
Cami's and tees were 2 for $5! So the top two are camis. Then I bought the pj bottoms on the bottom left to replace the pair on the bottom right. You probably can't tell, but they have holes by the elastic at the top and they used to say Jackson Hole on the bum! Yeah, I kinda liked them! Don't worry, I trashed them yesterday!!

I also bought a t shirt and cami for Molly in her size that were also 2 for $5. So my grand total for all of this, $45!! Not too shabby! And I felt so good about my purchase since my dad is now working there! I think today (Saturday) is the last day of the tent sale at the Sandy store where I went, but it will be moving to other locations next week I believe! So check it out!

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Niederfam said...

VERY nice. You totally SCORED. ;)