Sunday, June 5, 2011

Growth and the zoo

I just wanted to record some of the things Alison is up to these days. She is at such a fun age. She is 17 months this week. She is getting pretty good at walking! She loves to explore and she learned to crawl down the stairs last week when we were in WY. So that's huge! We have 2 flights of stairs here.

She loves to talk! She even tries to sing. It's so cute. She says: Mama, Dada, kitty, hi, ba-bye, Che Che (for Todd's dog Cheeto), go go go, doggy.

She still is often found carrying her little bunny blankie and also her kitty (that was actually a gift for Molly but Alison loves it!). She is only missing about 4 teeth in her mouth, so she's almost got a full set. She is so happy and friendly. She loves food and she lets you know when she wants something! Either she screams at you until she gets it, or she brings it to you to give to her. She loves her grandparents and aunts and uncles and anybody familiar. She will even go to strangers though.

She still doesn't like TV or movies. She loves to push things around-chairs, toys, whatever. She loves to be outside. Anytime she sees the door open, she goes for it! She loves to swing on the swings and to sit while bounced on the trampoline. I can tell she's gonna love roller coasters like her mama! She seems to be a thrill seeker! She loves books and lately really likes the Karen Katz books where she can lift the flaps. She also loves the touchy feely books. She still likes to be held, but not as much as before when she wasn't walking. She is a sweetheart and we love her!

Molly is still spunky and sassy. We went through a week long period of pure SASS! But the next week she was the sweetest girl around. She lately has gotten up out of bed after we put her down, so we have gone about different ways to stop that! She goes through a few dresses or outfits a day. She still loves pink.

She enjoys playing with toys and lately undresses all her dolls "because they are going swimming." She really wants to go swimming, so we are glad it has warmed up! We bought passes to Seven Peaks Salt Lake (former Raging Waters) so we are looking forward to going there as a family this summer.

 The girls love their daddy! He is so fun and playful with them. But he also loves to cuddle with his girls.

The Zoo
We went to the zoo the other day and had a lot of fun! If you didn't know, right now at Hogle Zoo they have these dinosaurs throughout and they are so lifelike! I was really impressed. They move, make dinosaur sounds and some of them even squirt water at you!

I had Alison in her stroller for the first half and then she finally put up a big enough fight that I took her out. She was SO excited to see the monkeys!

We went with our friends Otis and Milly and their grandma Cherie since their mom is out of town. Cherie and I work in YW's together. We were glad we got a play date in!

The licorice was a huge success and so worth the $2 I paid for it!

All the kiddos on the big dinosaur!

 They had fun at the playground.

Alison was most excited about the bark on the ground! Of course.

Sitting on the elephant that shoots out water. It was a crowded day (Friday) but it was a lot of fun!


Brett & Sydnie said...

I forgot to tell you, but when we were in Sunday School a few weeks ago and Alison went crazy for Justin saying "dada dada dada", it was the funniest thing. It made Brett and I totally crack up. You guys have the cutest kids!

Christine said...

What absolutely adorable girls. So sad we missed you this trip!

Emily said...

Still sad you went without me :( We will have to do it again another time! Looks like a lot of fun. So sweet that Ali loves animals so much. I love it!