Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st day of Preschool!

Yesterday Molly started preschool!! She has been so excited to go!

Molly is in the afternoon class. She goes M-Th from 12:15-3:30 and she gets lunch and a snack! She attends headstart at a local elementary school.

She has been really excited about her backpack. We found it at DownEast for $4.99. It does say someone else's name on it, but I'm getting around to fixing that!!

Here's how her first day went. We got there and I have to sign her in. She puts away her backpack and the kids wash their hands. We were waiting for a sink. There are 15 kids in her class but add parents and it was a lot of people! And kind of overwhelming for 3 and 4 yr olds! While we wait Molly starts freaking out and crying. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is but I can't understand anything she's saying. We finally get her hands washed and she calms down.

Then they get to play for a few minutes. I'm not sure if Molly was more excited or Ali! Ali loved the classroom!

 This is the "house" area. So cute.

The rest of the classroom. After a few minutes they had the kids line up and hold onto a long line with circles on it so they could all walk down to the cafeteria. I walked with her and helped her with lunch.

 She has a spot for her backpack of course!

Here she is at lunch! She finally let me go at this point. So we left! I came home and put Ali down for a nap and enjoyed a few hours to myself! Of course I did exciting things like laundry and cleaning :)

When I picked her up she said she had fun! She said she played on the playground and played with her friend Windsor. The teacher told me that she cut her lip by accident with her name tag (it's laminated) and she was a bit sad about that, but other than that she was good!

Today I took her and we did okay with the hand washing part. I kept asking if we could leave a bit earlier today than we did yesterday, but she said no! Ali booked it out of the classroom at one point, so I had to go over and get her and when I came back Molly was in tears. Poor girl. She thought we had left! So we went to lunch again with her and then left. When I picked her up she said she had fun and that they had purple plums for a snack. "I love purple plums!" she said. Ha ha. She told me her friend didn't like her plum so she ate it for her. So nice :)

I think the main thing is getting to know the kids and getting used to the routine! Then we can leave within a couple minutes and she won't be nervous. But so far so good!


Meg said...

She looks so grown up! The pictures of the classroom gave me some nostalgic thoughts about being a teacher...awe;) Props to the preschool for making them wash hands before they come in!

emily said...

she does look grown-up! she's so darn cute.

that's a lot of preschool! i'm sure she'll fall into the routine quickly and will be happy to let you leave earlier. :)

so fun - for her and you. :) (i know cleaning and laundry aren't super exciting, but when you get to do it without any extra "help" it is pretty exciting, i think. :)

Erin said...

Molly is adorable, and that looks like such a fun preschool! Seth is the youngest since he barely made the deadline. I'm hoping older kids like Molly will be a good influence on him. I hope she makes some good friends and adjusts quickly for you!