Thursday, September 22, 2011

Backpack before and after

 Here's Molly's backpack that we bought (again, at DownEast for $4.99) that needed to be fixed. I was planning on having it done before she started school....but that didn't happen. Well I finally got it done! Yay!

 My other problem with getting around to this project was that I had a bunch of different ideas for this. At first I wanted to have it say Molly instead. I called my mom's friend about her embroidery machine, but sadly it was broken. Well my machine does have embroidery. I tried it, but it was too small and it wouldn't let me make the letters any bigger.

 This is finally what I came up with. I decided who needs it to say her name? My backpack never did!

 I already had all the stuff in my stash, so after a few other ideas didn't pan out, I went with this! Now I can look at her bag and be happy since someone else's name isn't on it! Even though Molly doesn't know that :)

P.S. Back to pinterest for one last time, then I will be quiet! I didn't' realize you have to use a facebook or twitter account to sign up. I don't have either of those and to be honest, I don't really want them! I'm not into social networking except for blogs. I start and end there. I waste enough time online with blogs and my email. So I'm wondering which is the lesser evil. What do you think? I think I might go with twitter. Then I won't get harassed by people on facebook...I'm just kinda anti-facebook. Sorry to everyone who loves it. I see good things with it, but I'm just not interested right now!


erinmalia said...

you really need FB? gee. i don't remember it asking for it, but i probably clicked right through it. you can sign up to FB with a bogus email address. or just do twitter. because really, both are totally unnecessary.

emily said...

i like the backpack transformation. :)

i'm going to be working on my pinterest tomorrow - we'll see how it goes for me (i already requested my invite and was . . . accepted. ha).

Christine said...

What fun! It looks adorable. For some reason, we have always found ones that say Claire. Pretty amazing.

Meg said...

I like the flowers even better than the name. Then some creep won't know your daughters name!!! Colby and I don't have Facebook accounts either. Glad to hear someone else besides us are anti!