Monday, September 19, 2011

Keeping it Real

I have been thinking about blogging, but haven't really felt like anything is going on. So this might be a really boring post, but here's what we've been doing lately.

Molly is pretty funny these days. She is quite particular that you call it "preschool" and not "school." We will ask, "Molly, how's school?" And she will say, "It's not SCHOOL, it's PRESCHOOL!!" Ok! Today we were outside and she said "I just went into the mud. That was a little awkward." I'm thinking, what?! How does she know that word? It was pretty funny. Then she kept saying, "That's a little awkward." So silly.

I've been getting used to Molly's preschool schedule. It's amazing how quickly my day seems to go by now! Here's the daily schedule: we have breakfast in the morning, go over to a neighbor's house that I clean (laundry, dishes, making beds), go to the gym, come home and have a snack, take Molly to preschool, put Ali down for a nap, personal time/cleaning/whatever needs to be done, pick up Molly and by the time we get home it's about 4 pm! It's crazy! But it's kind of nice. Molly has been in dance class for a few weeks and sadly her class is only her and one other girl right now! There were a few more, but they dropped out for very legit reasons. So the teacher is hoping to get more girls. I'm fine with it, but I hope more will add so she won't have to drop the class! I kind of planned preschool around her dance class not thinking that she offers an afternoon class, but now that she's going afternoons, I really like how it's all worked out!

Ali has been waking up at 5:30 am for the past week or so. I'm not totally sure why, but I think it's because she gets uncovered. She's a totally crazy sleeper. We cover her when we check on her before we go to bed, but there's no way she stays still! She usually has her binky in, so we know it's not that. But we can't really let her cry it out since she's in the same room as Molly. I think she would HATE one of those sleep sack things because her legs wouldn't be free. Any suggestions?!! Justin gets up around 6 so if I take her with me to my bed, she might fall asleep, but there's no guarantee I do!

Another question. We keep our diapers in an open trash can in the room with the water heater and ac unit, etc. So we can't smell anything until we open the door and whoa! Totally smelly. I even tried the febreeze trash bags but they only work for like the first day, then the yummy smell is gone. We also put the poopy diapers in a plastic bag before going in the trash can. What do you do? I've thought maybe a trash that has a lid might not make the room smell bad, but it still would once you open the trash obviously.

My sister and I have considered another tri, but as of yet we haven't signed up (or maybe I should say I haven't...maybe she has and hasn't told me!). She doesn't have the luxury of a gym with a swimming pool or babysitters like I do so it's a bit harder for her. But I still train in a way. I try to keep up all the stuff I worked really hard on. I go to a cycle class on Wednesdays, I swim when Molly's at her dance class (it's down the street, how convenient!) since I only have an hour, then the other days I run/jog/do whatever.

I've also been working on some projects. I have a few things I'm working on for Molly's birthday and I have some Halloween fabric I bought last year and I'm working on making it into a table runner. I've been making plans for Molly's birthday party and go from wanting to go all out to keeping it simple. We are doing a friend party for her this year and I know she will love it! I'm gonna do a strawberry shortcake party.

Justin is just busy, busy, busy!! We are lucky to see him for a few hours at night. This semester is probably his worst, so hopefully next semester will be better. He won't have as many classes and he won't have to worry about applying for jobs (well, hopefully!!). He's working on that right now. Anyway, it's kind of crazy that this whole school business is almost over, but I know he is counting down the days!

If you read all of this, congrats! Hopefully I will have some of my projects to share soon!


Karen said...

I don't have sleep suggestions...Brooke was always waking up at crazy hours. As for diapers we put ours in the garage and then dump whe. The can is full.. It makes the garage stinky but all well. Not sure what you could do in the basement though.

Nanette said...

Before we switched to cloth we had the same problem. Lily's nursery STUNK! I read somewhere to put a dryer sheet between the bag and the can, and put some baking soda in the bag with the diapers. Maybe that might help? Also, I've seen some sleepsacks on babysteals that have little foot openings. ( not sure if those would help?

erinmalia said...

we have a diaper champ for our diapers. we like it because it does wonders with containing smell and we don't have to buy the brand-specific trash bags like a diaper genie.

P said...

OH I want to be invited to the Strawberry shortcake party. I'd LOVE that. ;) Cute. cute., I haven't really kept up my training and I haven't signed up for another, but you totally should, really. You can DO IT. And I'll do more, just probably next year!!!

As for the diapers we bag them all and send them directly OUTSIDE to the trash can.

As for the 5:30 wake up calls........never-mind my offer to watch the girls for your birthday!! HA HA. Really. I'll take them any-time.

Oh and I have GOT to hear Molly use the word awkward in person, that is hilarious. :)