Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We went to Star Valley this weekend and visited Murphy Creek and Murphy Lake on Saturday. It was so beautiful!

 The water was so clear. So pretty!

 Molly was brave and tested the water out.

 Molly wanted a picture with Grandma!

Ali had a fun time too. She was excited to see a few dogs in the area.

 All of us that came! Scott, Brooke and girls, Val and Shelley, Mark and Ashley, and us!

 We took up a picnic and 2 four wheelers and all took turns. It was a fun afternoon!!

 Grandma and Grandpa had a new bubble blower and the girls had a fun time with it.

 Ali loves these rocks! She throws them out and then puts them back.

We also got to celebrate Laney's 3rd birthday! My girls loved watching to see what she got! Molly even got to open an early birthday present from Mark and Ashley!

We had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful and we had a fun time! Thanks Val and Shelley!


Christine said...

The scenery is breathtaking. What a fun little weekend trip

p.s. Molly's hair looks so long in the pigtails!

Niederfam said...

Looks FUN. The lake is so blue and clear, PRETTY.