Thursday, September 1, 2011

New look

Sorry, I didn't get a new look, but my bed did! I know. You are thinking that I'm crazy because I just showed you my new bedding a few months ago. But the really fun thing about this quilt is that it's so easy to mix it up! Honestly it was really cheap. Justin couldn't even complain!

Ok let's start in the back. I have 3 euro shams. I already had the two green ones. I switched out the cream one that was in the middle for this houndstooth one. I saw the houndstooth sham at the Village Quilt Shop where my quilt is from and it was on clearance for $16 down from $80! And since I'm kinda obsessed, I knew I had to have it! It worked well with my fall color theme, so it was easy. I didn't get the best picture of it so sorry about that. I tried to use manual mode on my camera for these pics but since we are in the basement there wasn't much so up came my flash!

By the way, I really want a light scoop! It will totally fix my problems with the flash! Check it out. Back to the pillows...

The regular shams are next. I bought two brown quilted shams at the Village Quilt Shop. I actually bought 3, but when I came home I remembered that I had 2 red ones that match the quilt my mom made us for our wedding, so I pulled it out and I liked it better than 3 brown. So one is going back!

They had a bunch of cute toss pillows at their store but they are really pricy. I'm talking $40 to $50 for one (or more)! So silly, in my opinion. I checked out a bunch of fabric stores and found this orange and cream print at Hobby Lobby and knew it should be worked in!

The flower pillow was also something I was really excited about. I found a great tutorial that I used to make the burlap pillow with the red flower using felt. The pictures don't do it justice, sorry, but I am really happy with how it all turned out!
Flower Pillow Tutorial

The brown throw I bought about 2 months ago at the Village Quilt Shop. It was on clearance for $10 and I had an inkling that I just might want to do this, so now it works perfectly!

I should tell you that the 3 toss pillows in front (the pillow forms actually) I found at Bed Bath and Beyond on clearance for $3 each! I just pulled their covers off and made these new ones! Pillow forms can be expensive, so I was really happy to find them! If you are looking to do the same thing, you can do just that. Make your own covers and use cheap pillow forms. You could also check at a thrift store and take off their covers!

I also used the same tutorial for making the orange pillow covers. I just didn't make flowers on those, obviously.

I pretty much love it! I'm ready for fall now :) Do you decorate for fall and Halloween? Or just one? I usually just throw out my Halloween once September hits (although I haven't done it yet!) and then after Halloween, I bring out my Thanksgiving/Fall. Now go and make yourself a cute flower pillow! You can put it on your bed or couch. Or as decor somewhere!


Niederfam said...

LOVING it. SO SO SO cute. Well done. Fun change.

AWESOME flower pillow too, I'm almost enticed to start LOOKING for a sewing machine, unless mom wants to give me the other Bernina of course;)

erinmalia said...

so nice! i want to update mine so badly. and we only do halloween-specific stuff. but i can't wait!

Jeff and Kathryn said...

I LOVE it, however, if we had that many pillows on our bed, it would never get made! My halloween and fall decorations are kind of all in one, so I go straight from them to Christmas. (maybe taking down some of the more spooky stuff)

emily said...

love the look! it's super nice.

Jane and Stuart said...

You amaze me! Very cute!