Saturday, July 14, 2012

7 weeks

Jackson is now 7 weeks! Time seems slow and yet fast. He continues to be a sweet boy and when he's awake he shares the greatest smiles with us! We are absolutely loving that. 

The girls continue to be great with him and only want to be nice to him and give him kisses. It is more difficult getting things done, but that's to be expected. It's hard to try to go run an errand with 3 kids versus 2, but we are adjusting and making things work! 

Nursing is going better. I am still frustrated that he is still so sleepy while eating, but I know that that will go away with time as he gets older and is more awake. I don't have pain like I had when he had thrush, but I still have blisters that won't go away. I am using a prescription for them, and luckily it doesn't hurt as long as he doesn't latch onto them. I don't feel like I have the milk supply I need for him to be satisfied, so I supplement with formula from time to time. I've tried everything to increase it, but I just don't think my body wants to respond, although literally I think I've done about 10 things to try to increase it (and please, I really don't need any suggestions! I've talked to lactation consultants, friends, the pediatrician, pumping, used supplements, you name it!). In my head I'm trying to get to 8 weeks because supposedly that's when nursing gets better and when baby starts to be more awake for feedings. We'll see! We are quickly approaching that day!

He is still an excellent sleeper! Last night was unusual when he only had about a 4 hour stretch. A couple of night ago I fed him at 10:30 pm and he slept until 6:30 am! This is the longest he's gone, but he usually eats between 10 and 11 pm and then will sleep til around 4:30 or 5 am. And then he will sleep until 7:30 or 8 am. It is lovely! He's been doing this since around week 3.

I caught this cute moment a day or two ago.

He definitely knows his mommy and daddy's voices. He turns his head to follow us and we love it. And he has giant smiles for us. He still has all of his hair and we hope he keeps it! He still wants to be held all the time and if we lay him down, it seems like a lot of the time he will wake up about 5 minutes later! Little stinker! He is definitely more cuddly than our girls ever were. Our girls would hardly ever fall asleep while we were holding them, even pretty early on, but Jackson only wants to sleep while being held. We sure love our cuddly little guy.

On a different note, I went with my mom and the girls and we saw the movie Brave today! It was nice to go out and do something normal without the baby. The movie was a bit scary for the girls, but they liked it. Well at least Molly did. Ali fell asleep for half of it on my lap! I couldn't believe she could sleep through some of the really loud scenes since she's such a light sleeper, but she did! It was a cute show, though not my favorite from Disney. If you have little kids, you may want to see it first since there are bears in the show that are pretty scary for little ones. Molly went and sat on grandma's lap because she was scared at one point.

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Christine said...

sweet, sweet boy. I can't imagine how much harder it would be to get things done.

Claire was the same way with nursing. She would just fall asleep the second I started. It was so frustrating! I finally undressed her during every feeding, changed her diaper between sides, and kept a cold washcloth next to me to wake her up. It was crazy. I did however have plenty of milk which I know was a blessing. You do what is best for you and don't listen to anyone else.

Brave looks cute, but some parts do look scary. Why do cartoons have to be so creepy?